Ms Ann King – Assistant Director, Department of Defence:

“Rehabilitation strategies are drawn from sound assessment and analysis, use evidence-based interventions and demonstrate flexible and creative solutions. Barriers to return to work and the risk associated with poor outcomes are identified, assessed and documented in reports in a timely manner.”

Ms Linda Winterbottom – Case Manager, CommInsure / Gen Re Life Health attests to this in her statement that:

“Working Well Australia was specifically chosen to be on Gen Re’s preferred rehabilitation provider list as a result of the expertise and experienced consultants that make up their team. “There has never been a referral too complex for the team to handle and to deliver exceptional results.” “The return to work outcomes achieved and the depth and professionalism noted to achieve these results is commended and to my knowledge has not been replicated by any other rehabilitation providers across Australia.”

Mr Boyd Martin – Staff Support Officer, NSW Department of Education also confirms this:

“I have constant contact with several rehabilitation companies. Working Well Australia is my first choice of rehabilitation companies.”

Ms. Julie Young – Team Leader, Centrelink:

“The level of expertise and support they (Working Well Australia) are able to provide leads to their handling of some of our more challenging and long term cases – they continue to work in partnership with us to achieve sustainable, longer term outcomes in these cases”

Ms Julie Young – Team Leader, Centrelink Human Resource Services has stated that:

“HR Services in Area Pacific Central have engaged Working Well Australia for rehabilitation services / worksite assessments and associated activities for several years. We continue to find their service to be of a very high standard.”

Ms Ann King – Assistant Director, Department of Defence indicated that:

“Overall by engaging Working Well Australia to provide the service outlined above, contributes to making a difference in terms of minimising the impact of injury and illness, and in turn reducing Centrelink’s overall costs in this area. We would recommend the engagement of Working Well Australia for the purposes of providing occupational rehabilitation and workstation assessments.”